Maximizing Income Streams: When and Why to Split Your Income

Jul 12, 2023

During our live training on Thursday, we talked about businesses with multiple income streams and uncovered the reasons why splitting your income can be a game-changer. Let's explore how different entities and tax implications can help you optimize your earnings. This article is all about the benefits and opportunities of dividing your income, focusing on tax optimization and deductible expenses. 

Reasons for Splitting Income Streams:

Leveraging Lower Tax Brackets:

As your income increases, so does your tax rate. But by distributing your income across different sources, you have a greater chance of keeping portions within lower tax brackets. This means you pay less overall in taxes, allowing you to retain more of your hard-earned money.

Qualify for Deductions:

Splitting your income streams can also help you qualify for deductions that may not be available under a single business structure. Certain expenses might not be considered ordinary for your main business, but by creating additional entities, you can generate deductions for these expenses. It's all about maximizing deductions for things that would otherwise be disallowed.

 Unlocking Access to Tax-Advantaged Accounts:

Certain types of income may qualify you for eligibility in tax-advantaged accounts like Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), or 529 Education Savings Plans. Dividing your income can create opportunities to contribute to these accounts and benefit from tax-free growth or tax deductions, ultimately securing a brighter financial future.

Examples of Splitting Income Streams:

  • Rental Company for Personal Property:
    Want to deduct expenses related to personal property like boats or motorhomes? Create a rental company. You can rent out these assets to your main business or external parties and enjoy legitimate deductions associated with the rental business. This allows you to leverage deductions while maintaining control over your assets.
  • Family Management Company for Real Estate:
    If you own properties like a beach house or mountain cabin, set up a family management company. This entity acts as a property management company, overseeing rentals and managing the income from these properties. By segregating your real estate activities within this dedicated company, you can maximize deductions for property management and maintenance.
  • Shifting Income for Tax Optimization:
    In some cases, splitting your income streams can optimize your tax rates. When you're approaching income levels that would result in higher tax rates and phased-out deductions, creating additional entities can help you distribute income. By shifting income to entities taxed at lower rates, such as a C corporation, you can significantly reduce your tax liabilities.

Diversifying your income streams and strategically splitting your income among different entities can lead to lower tax rates and more deductions. But remember, it's important to seek guidance from tax professionals and ensure compliance with tax laws. Splitting your income should be done thoughtfully, considering your unique circumstances and goals.

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